Welcome to our K - 8th grade
Summer Camp Program

Our summer camp program is designed to give children experience in building life long skills that are mentally, physically, and socially rewarding. Your child/children will learn autonomy, create friendships, learn leadership skills, and have fun all at the same time.

Our program is designed to foster sharing and caring amongst different age groups. In most camps, grouping is done by age, gender, and grade. At Kinesthetic, we combine age groups; we strive to supply the younger children with the opportunity to develop stronger communication, and social skills.  The older students learn responsibility, leadership, and guidance.  The process of the younger students modeling after the older students creates a positive unification in the groups. It is amazing how well the groups work with each other. 

 Kinesthetic provides meals; breakfast, lunch, and 3 snacks throughout the day. Each group is designated to serve, prepare, clean, and set up for lunch.  This activity not only teaches responsibility in large group settings, but also allows the children to feel important knowing they are doing something for others.  This is a very successful, fun, and exciting activity for the campers.

 Your child/children will have had a very full day when you pick them up; they will be tired, talkative, and wanting to stay longer.  Who can blame them?  From fort building, to the beach, and the pool, lots of games, arts/crafts, and big field trips every Friday, wouldn’t you want to stay?

As for our staff, we stress high standards. Every staff member meets the legal requirements, outlined by California's licensing requirements title 22. The majority of our staff works with us year round. All new staff are finger printed and have a criminal background check run through the DOJ, FBI and State.

Our head counselors are all certified in First Aid and CPR. We expect intense fun and endless amounts of imagination.  


To learn more about our summer activities go to camp activities. This will give you all the information you need regarding your child's summer experience.

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Open Registration starts in Spring

 For more information, please call or email us. 

(323) 258-3690, e-mail office@spkinesthetickids.org,