Pre-School Program

Welcome to our pre-school program!  

Our pre-school starts at 2 1/2 through 5 years of age. Potty training is a requirement.  Under the loving, imaginative, and enthusiastic leadership of our teachers your child/children will have a preschool experience that will prepare them for a life long love of learning.

Grouping (ratio 2:20 kids)

Our preschool program is designed to have a variety of ages in each class.  Our groupings consist of the 2 1/2's combined with the 3's, 4's, and 5's.  We believe that having classroom age variety allows the children to learn how to communicate, share, work, and grow with each other.

During our academic "center time" the children are separated by age and academic appropriateness.  If a child is a little more advanced or needs extra help, we place the child in appropriate group that will allow them to strive and succeed in what they are learning.


Our pre-school program stresses the importance of  academics.  We take the "hands on" approach to teaching and learning.  We believe a child can grow and learn through their experiences inside and outside of the classroom.  We feel that experience plays a big roll in all aspects of a child's cognitive and behavioral development.

The first part of our day is focused on center time.  This is a time children rotate to different learning areas. Our centers consist of areas such as manipulatives,  listening, comprehension, verbal, motor skills, and cognitive reasoning. We implement teacher/children groupings.  During center time the teacher will work with a smaller group of children on the basic fundamentals: ABC's, 123's, shapes, and colors.  This gives the teacher an opportunity to work with the children on a closer level, giving the teacher and the child an opportunity to assess and improve on their cognitive skills.  In the afternoon, our learning concentrates on science, music, art, and physical education. During these times the children are engaged in historical events, and explore scientific experiments. They become the great artists and musicians of our time. Students also learn more about how their bodies work through physical education.

Through our program, your child will become well rounded, enriched, confident in themselves and able to share their individuality with others.  With the guidance of our staff we provide the best jump start to get your child ready to meet their goals.  With three acres of wonderfully wooded land, the child experiences not only the classroom but nature as well.  Experience is everything. Experience is learning, experience is Kinesthetic.  Come learn the Kinesthetic way...